MQTT Dashboard


How to install a plant

  1. Please make sure that the SmartPi has a firmware of 1.0.0 or higher.
  2. Please enter your e-mail address, password, customer number and order number. (You will find the customer number and the order number on the invoice. If you no longer have the invoice, you can download it again from the webshop.)
  3. You will be logged in immediately.
  4. Open the box "Create new plant".
  5. Enter a plant name
  6. The plant name and the MQTT access data for the SmartPi now appear in the plant list.
  7. Please enter the following data in your SmartPi.
    1. Default settings => Name: {{MQTT Username}}
    2. MQTT: Activate MQTT
    3. MQTT => MQTT broker url:
    4. MQTT => MQTT broker port: 1883
    5. MQTT => MQTT username: {{MQTT Username}}
    6. MQTT => MQTT password: {{MQTT Password}}
    7. MQTT => MQTT topic: {{MQTT Username}}
    8. Restart the SmartPi.
  8. You can call up the plant in the plant table.
  9. If everything is set correctly, the first data comes after approx. 10 seconds.


  1. At the moment, the current measured values are displayed.
  2. In addition, the last 5 minutes are displayed graphically.
  3. In the case of historical data, performance and yield are presented.

Planned Steps

  1. Encrypted MQTT transmission